22 de noviembre de 2009

Recipe: Fastest Creme Brulee in Mallorca

Duke's Recipe: Fastest Creme Brulee in Mallorca

No fuss, bam bam and ready to seduce yourself and friends with this 1,2,3 recipe of
this legendary french dessert.

About 6-8 portions

Often copied, never duplicated:
500gr creme Fraiche
185ml cream (min. 30% fat)
Zest of 1 lime
1 vanilla pod
100gr sugar
10 eggyolks

Add the creme fraiche, cream, vanilla pod and lime zest in a pod and bring slowly to boil.
In the meantime, beat the eggs with the sugar in a bowl until smooth.
Once the cream mix has boiled, add it slowly to the eggs while whisking.

Now, transfer back to the pod and bring slowly to boil while whisking.
Once it starts to boil, take off the heat and pass through a sieve.
Separate in shallow ramekins or dishes and put in the fridge for a couple of hours (best overnight).

To serve, sprinkle brown sugar over the cream and burn with a blow-torch a crisp caramel onto the dessert. Done.
At Duke's, I like to serve this dessert with cardamon and natural yoghurt ice cream, it gives it a nice contrast.

Enjoy. Ronny

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